Sometimes I sit there for hours puzzling my head over little text.  A choice of words, for example, or the heading.  I move the words from left to right, up and down and then back again.  In the end I’m no further than at the beginning.  And then I say to myself: just keep it short and simple. So it happens that this post is just called: >What to wear in Autumn 2020<, because that’s exactly what it’s about.  No more and no less.

The way to get there – what means to fall fashion – was not that easy because the designers think little of the girls who are 50 and older.  I believe that at my age (50 Plus), which I share with around 18 million women in Germany, it is becoming increasingly difficult to interpret catwalk fashion for everyday life.  At least that’s how I felt weeks ago when I was studying the new looks and designs for fall 2020.  Fluffed, balloon-like down coats, including crop tops, plus wide pants, tucked into the boots again.  Leather clothes up and down, mostly allover.  In the next picture, narrow silhouettes that trace the slim models from neck to ankle.  It is exactly what the fashion designers are showing for the coming season and I was amazed.  Belly free, balloon-like, tightly wrapped to make it striking in a few words.  So nothing that I would have associated ad hoc with “suitable for everyday use” or even “practical”. The very first thing that occurred to me when looking at the many crop-free styles was, that I would want to talk any young girl out of cold, flu and pelvic inflammation. Catwalk is not street. In order to be trendy and fashion-conscious on the street as woman 50Plus and to stay, I have put together a few looks. They are, so to speak, the result of current inspirations and my wardrobe. Because fashion shouldn’t take possession (in the truest sense of the word), but skilfully stage YOU in a fashionable way. At least that’s my conviction as a fashion-conscious woman.

And here are my new looks for autumn 2020


I can’t get carried away with this style all the time, but I can get excited about oversized items.  For example for this wool coat, which fits many parts and me – H&M, current collection, 120, – EUR.  Only basics are hidden underneath: a gray transparent blouse and destroyed jeans.  The booties are also from stock and complement the look.

Herbstmode 2020

Wide trousers

I have the impression that they are getting wider and wider .. and especially large flower patterns are entwined around the width this autumn.  With many fashionistas they drag on the floor under flat shoes, but I personally prefer to see myself booties or high heels.  I think the simple top with the trumpet sleeves (by Shein) is great and new.  The fur vest makes the look noble and gives the stylish touch.

Herbstmode 2020

Blouses with new accents

Many blouses are now ultra feminine with frills, ruffles, smocked details and cutouts.  I found a super cheap one that complements my wardrobe perfectly on Shein.  It surprises with a cutout on the upper arm and the flounces, when you take off the blazer (old stock).  All jeans, business trousers in black or leather leggings go well with this.

Herbstmode 2020


It was already clear to me in summer that the new Bermuda length would also be the fall trend and now we have it, namely the trend towards the short suit.  I think you can make a lot of it in terms of fashion, like here with the black blazer, for example.  The lace-up booties that you see with all looks in autumn give even more of the trendy pep.

Herbstmode 2020

Cycling shorts

You have to trust yourself.  The trend is not entirely new, but it is still considered ultra-modern in autumn.  You can usually see him with oversized blazers / tops.  I don’t have that much courage in fashion.  But with the slim black blazer and the lace-up booties, the cycling shorts also look really good.  Sometimes courage is rewarded.  An insight that does not only apply to fashion.

Have fun trying out the new fall fashion 2020!


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