Chunky Boots

They are rough, they are chunky, they are heavy, they are non-slip and they keep your feet warm.  Most are laced in the middle, some even vegan.  But above all, they are one thing: most fashion in the current A / W season 2020. Who are we talking about?  Of course from the hottest shoe trend, namely worker and military boots.  A casual appearance succeeds with the robust statement sole with Demin as well as with culottes, short and long skirts and dresses.  A break in style or a mix is ​​of course desired – the shoe that we no longer want to take off.  All variations with black are absolutely trendy, but also shiny and iridescent colors march on the fashion stage in combination with the corresponding color repetition in the outfit.  And for all doubters who consider the ugly trend to be an aberration of taste: the new boots are, so to speak, the wintry successor to the mega trend of dad sneakers.  So just terribly beautiful and incredibly cool! 

Boots 2020
Must have A/W 2020: Chunky Boots. These are from famous Dr. Martens brand 🙂


No winter without high boots.  That much is certain.  Riding boots and boots made of suede have ‚galloped‘ all the way forward in 2020.  The classic material convinces with its soft and comfortable wearing properties and can now also fold wrinkles.  In particular, the trendy light and brown colors should be well impregnated so that they don’t get ugly stains.  The looks get a cuddly factor in combination with thick knitted sweaters and leather leggings.  My cowboy boots have a break this season.  But don’t give it away, because the classics keep coming back – old fashion wisdom.

Hot this season: brown!


Motto for the XXL term runner this year: long, longer, the longest.  When I got my first pair, what felt like 15 years ago, I would never have thought it possible that the boot would be one of the classics.  But that’s how it is.  And in 2020 you can even see them leg-long.  Means: the hottest of the sexy boots end just below the crotch.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go with every upgrade, because the eye-catcher is not always easy to combine, even in normal length.  With the wrong outfit, the path quickly goes in the direction of a “light ladies look à la Pretty Woman ”and you need a bit of tact for the right dose of sexiness.  My tip: the rest of the outfit rather well-behaved and designed in a minimalist way. So combine it with black, opaque tights, jeggings or skinny jeans with a dark wash.

Overknees always give a dose of Sexiness!

Ankle boots

Oh yes, the ankle boots.  This is the friends-forever shoe that always works because it is also practical.  Practical is good, I think stylish is better, which is why this year I opted for a slightly higher version with a coarse sole and metal buckle on the ankle.  I think that spices up not only the shoe, but also combines the whole look in a modern way.  So the little sister of the boot gets a slight kick from the noble touch and I think that suits her really well!

Ankle Boots
Comfortable even with higher heel, the Buffalo Ankle Boots


Anyway – I’ll slip into the irresistible chunky Chunky Bootsboots and the winter can come 🙂

PS: I was at Görtz for the autumn-winter shoe casting and – as you can see – spread a lot of chaos, picked the “best-off” and  now compiled for you in this post with further research and fashion whisperers. Thanks to the Görtz 17 for putting up with me!

Boots 2020

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