Women< know only too well that underwear is not just underwear, and over the years have developed a feeling for what fits well and also looks good.  In the best case, both 😊. Even at 55, I still find myself wearing a bra and panties in front of the mirror, am critical, like most women, and have to remind myself every now and then that I’m not a tight 20 anymore.

Tüll & Sitze

Personally, I find it not that easy to find lingerie that 100% fulfills my wishes, and I find bras especially difficult.  The carrier slips because the shoulders are probably not square enough, the cups do not sit on the right or left.  That is to say, not every body is made to measure.

There are also solutions, which I – fashionqueen 😉 – did not know (!) or, better said, I was not yet aware of it until the TENA Fashion Show in July 2019.  On the catwalk models who not only showed the new TENA disposable briefs (TENA silhouette), but also made-to-measure briefs.  It became obvious that TENA not only had optimal protection for women with bladder weakness in mind during development, but also that it can also meet high demands in terms of appearance and fit.  All the guests of the show were absolutely thrilled to see so much grace and aesthetics in underwear on the catwalk.  Last but not least, a taboo subject, namely bladder weakness.


Tüll & Spitze
Claudia Specht, Designer for Lingerie & Swimwear

Apart from the official parts, I was lucky enough to get to know the designer of the briefs, Claudia Specht, and to my great pleasure we have been in good contact ever since.  After all, it was she who had so aesthetically packaged the ladies; was able to make a decisive contribution to making this very special fashion show a complete success for TENA.


Tüll & Spitze




I love it when she talks about her passion to make women happy with the perfect “underneath”.  Because of course you can feel it “over it”. The obvious question is how to do it. In her blog post “From fashion design to lingerie designer”, she summarizes that it was simply not enough for her to do everything with women’s clothing  There was more, namely working with elastic fabrics, stretching, lace, etc. She quickly fell in love with this special craftsmanship and also with the idea of ​​founding her own label.  She finished the additional training and further studies 2 years later as lingerie designer and runs now her own bespoke studio for lingerie and swimwear under the melodious label Tüll & Spitze since April 2014.  You can feel immediately that the finest lingerie is an affair of the heart for her and also that it is not enough for her if it somehow fits.  There it is, the passion for the perfect seam, the perfect fit paired with a demand for design that makes you speechless one after the other.  What can I say: just gorgeous!  No wonder that with all the noble creations, you get a desire for lingerie and swimwear made to measure.  And Claudia dresses this deeply feminine longing in the right words:

“Every woman has the desire to finally be able to wear something that really fits without having to compromise.  Underwear is the first thing I put on in the morning.  It’s closest to me and the last thing I take off of the day.  I want to feel completely at ease in it!”

That’s exactly how it is. Even better that Claudia Specht can fulfill the wishes for perfect underwear and swimwear at her studio located in Wiesbaden. There she also offers courses, to learn more about lingerie sewing. Just follow the link for more information and dates. And of course you can also give tailor-made lingerie as a gift. With a voucher from Tüll & Spitze. For underwear that you just love  and in which you feel completely comfortable.

Tülle & Spitze
Feeling comfortable from the very morning on!


This post is free of charge, because we are friends. We work in the same way, do our very best every day. Wish sucess one another. It’s just the way it has to be. Women support Women!


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