Indeed, they carry us from morning to night, day after day, and most of us for a lifetime.  OUR FEET.  For the fact that we run an average and roughly 170,000 km with them in life, they fall short when it comes to health to my taste.  And it is noticeable that training units usually do not include exercises for the feet, although we need them for most sporting activities.

When the feet deny their job

I actually only realized how important the feet are when I broke the fibulas directly above the upper ankle joints on both legs while running.  There were so-called osteoporotic fractures and that at the age of 46.  I was shocked because it was found that my bone density  corresponded to an age of about 100 years old.  Luckily, when it happened I was on my way back from a run.  I literally crawled home the last 200 m because the pain of standing on my feet – not to think about walking – was simply unbearable.  I spent the next 4 weeks with splints from my feet to the back of my knees and on crutches.  It was simply horror.

After the fractures healed, I started taking care of my foot health.  It started with bringing mobility and resilience back to the old level.  One of the first exercises was to slowly roll the foot in a circle.  10 times to the right and then 10 times to the left.  Moving the toes one at a time didn’t work right away either.  Of course the head knows how to do it, but it took a while for the commands to get back to the toes and then finally to do what they were supposed to do again.  It may all sound very easy and succinct, but anyone who dares to try it will see that it is sometimes not that easy.  So if you don’t want to be clever about damage, you can integrate exercises for foot health into your training units.  You can find great tips and suggestions for everyday life here.  Incidentally, stairs are also an excellent “practice patch”.

Women and feet

We women have a very special relationship with our feet. Less in general, more in particular. This is because, unlike men, we also dare to walk on 10 cm heels. Not every woman is compatible with the perfect walk on tiptoe, but many attempts are made to get a little closer to God in heels. Last but not least nobobdy cares. Neither the (shoe) designers nor the infinite number of women who literally break their feet with it.  In the worst case, long-term damage is the result.  Not only on the feet, by the way.  And to be honest: I’ve seen a lot of broken, deformed feet on the catwalk.  Even very young girls.  So I can only advise you to use your high heels very carefully and to treat your feet to normal shoes, i.e. shoes that fit the foot.  In the best case, combined with exercises that benefit the feet.

And something else is special about women’s feet: In summer they really like to impress with lacquer on their toes.  To be completely honest, I love well-groomed feet.  In other words, some without calluses or cracks, without weeping lines, without dirty soles and with a nice color on the toes.  This can be done with or without outside help.  After all, from time to time you can get a really great foot care from a professional.  As a small thank you to those who reliably carry us through life every day.  Around the globe four times – at the equator, of course 😊.


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