An old german Chrismas song begins:

Morgen Kinder wird’s was geben,
morgen werden wir uns freun!
Welche Wonne, welches Leben
wird in unserm Hause sein.
Einmal werden wir noch wach,
heisa, dann ist Weihnachtstag!

In English:

Tomorrow there will be something for children,
tomorrow we will be happy! 
What bliss, what life will be in our house. 
We’ll wake up one more time,
heisa, then it’s Christmas Day! 

A song full of happiness an joy.


Another year is drawing to a close.  A year that we will all not soon forget.

Corona was also present with us.  Inevitably, the topic was taken up in some of our articles. Beside the pandemic again we have again written and researched widely and of course we hope that you enjoyed it and that the joy of reading will continue into 2021. 

Even if our coffee box has not rung yet, something else nice has happened.  Topagemodel was awarded!  As FASHION BLOG OF THE YEAR 2020/2021.  Since the award was given by an English agency, the certificate is only available in the English version.  But we are convinced that everyone knows what it is meant to be. Simply an honour for our work.

Award - TopagemodelWith the lively atmosphere from the German Christmas song, we wish you and your loved ones  a peaceful and healthy Christmas time!  Take care of yourself and enjoy the quiet moments – the world is loud enough!

All the best for you and: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Cheers, Renate und Petra


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