“You smell just gorgeous, how can you?”

It’s one of the compliments we like to hear. No wonder, because spreading a fragrant scent is something very wonderful and special. After all, everyone accommodates  30 million realm cells in around 400 variants in his nose. What it picks up goes directly to the brain via chemical signals, which immediately decide, YES or NO. Even before we can make a rational decision, our sense of smell has already decided whether the chemistry is right , that is, whether we can “smell good” the other one.

So fragrance does a lot, with ourselves and with those, we meet. It’s a bit like with clothes. If you are well dressed, you feel more comfortable right away, come safer through your day, mood  and self-confidence improve. If you feel comfortable in your scented dress, you put a shovel on it.

The only thing is, that I basically come along much more easy with the feel-good dress. I tell you why: because fragrance is pure emotion. 

Symbolic for this is the Post-Picture that could not be more expressive.  If you let your eyes rest, a fragrance speaks to you that encompasses everything.  Sensuality, grace, femininity, eroticism, beauty, tenderness, elegance, nobility, love, lightness, warmth, self-confidence, sincerity, affection, gentleness, attraction, tenderness, youthfulness, playfulness, romance … – the longer I look at the picture  the more it attracts me.  And it almost seems as if I can breathe the velvety composition.

Velvet Skin dress

Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim, in collaboration with a well-known perfumer in the world capital of perfume – GRASSE – created a fragrance composition that transforms the image into fragrance;  gently envelops you with all the wonderful attributes. The noble key ingredients here at a glance:

Velvet Skin Dress

The Eau de Parfum deliberately bears the auspicious name

Velvet Skin Dress. 

Which now also answers the initial question 😊. And it smells so incredibly good because it is like a scented dress made of pure silk.  For every day and for every occasion.  A fragrance that not only makes you happy, but also exudes a pleasant smell in addition to a good mood.  A great pampering idea right now for Valentine’s Day.

Applying perfume correctly

If you love to leave your scent with you, it is best to spray the perfume on the back of the hairline at neck height.  So it automatically “comes along” with every movement. If the scent is supposed to ‘hurry ahead’, the perfume is applied to the arteries. This makes every encounter delicate and elegant – unfortunately currently without a hug.
For bad scent wearers, here my insider tip: After creaming with body lotion (unscented!), apply a little perfume to the stomach area, knees and elbows.

Where to get?

In perfumery and cosmetics shops, 30 ml flacon for apx. 89 EUR


A post in cooperation with skin vital concept.


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