I am coming back to my article >How to: Make your Diet Healthier<, in which I asked what it actually means.  After all, healthy eating has become a lifestyle claim.  With a view to what we seemingly all want, I threw into the large pot of nutritional concepts the consideration that healthy food cannot be the same for everyone.  Why?  Quite simply because – as described – we are different types.  Energy intake, digestion, i.e. the entire processing process in the body, works quite individually, if you take it seriously.

Since my stomach surgery 3 years ago, I have to be very strict about eating.  In the aftermath, I was faced with many intolerances, which often ended with stomach or intestinal cramps.  This is pain that destroys you and then leaves you lying there for days as if spat out.  Those who ought to know better reacted to my complaints with inpatient examinations that brought no results and a lot of shrugging.  Reason enough to deal with myself and how I can handle my irreparable gouts without moving from one waiting room to the next.  In other words: to take care of my own inner balance myself as best I can. 

Empowering the natural Energy Flow


A very good friend of mine, who has long been concernedTibevit with the connections between diet, lifestyle and complaints due to imbalances, fortunately introduced me to Traditional Tibetan Medicine, which uses herbal and spice mixtures, whose healing power is now also recognized in the West.  That’s why for good reason there are so many herbs and spices in her pots that I didn’t even know before.


If you read up on this subject, you will recognize even as a layperson that the knowledge of herbalist monks, which is more than a thousand years old, is not only conclusive, but downright obvious.  Put simply, this medicine is about compensating for existing deficiencies or excesses in order to bring the body back into balance.  Because inner balance is our foundation for health and a strong immune system.  To be “over” or “under” always means opening the door to diseases, pathogens and viruses.  But we don’t need them right now;  especially with regard to the corona pandemic.



Especially now, natural helpers are needed who strengthen our defenses and help us to stay in balance in everyday life.  Traditional Tibetan Medicine provides the best support.  Traditional medicine in Asia has long since been confirmed by Western research.  And the reigning Dalai Lama says about the healing power: “I believe that all of humanity can benefit from our medicine.” In an interview in 1997 he confirmed that he has trusted in the strengthening and harmonizing Tibetan formulas since childhood  only uses western medicine in an emergency.

Tibevit® offers these treasures of our nature,Tibevit paired with traditional knowledge and the proven recipes of carefully selected, pure plant substances in capsule form. Of course, manufactured according to the highest German standards. The range of different active ingredient combinations can be preventative, but also  be taken in case of illness.

VitalBalance Plus has helped me personally to regain my balance. With 2 capsules a day I feel healthy and vital.

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>Medicine is there to help people – no matter where they live, no matter whether and what they believe.< The Dalai Lama

… and I, too, fully trust in the power of nature!


A post in cooperation with TibeVit® / Vitalindo.


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