is actually the heading for the current fashion trends that is also influenced bei the Corona virus and leaves its mark on the fashion world.  The sweatsuit look is booming – and not just for people who go around the corner to the bakery or take their dogs around the field.

So that the loungewear, including oversized sweaters, come across casual, but not careless, here are some pictures of my current styles.

KarohemdStill very popular in 2021:


Here in combination with black imitation leather jogpants and sneakers.  The black and white repetitions make the sporty look classy.

Rosa Mantel + JogpantsHoodie-Love

Oversized hoodies and sweaters steal the show from business blouses and are of course much more comfortable in the home office.  Really stylish on top.

Hoodie greige langThese

ultra-long sweat hoodies

that you can now see up and down on the fashionistas have just entered the fashion race.  Here is a styling example with a sleeveless long version in the upcoming color GREIGE, i.e. the light version of the gray-beige mix.

grauer Mantel und JogpantsThese coats,

which we will not only be able to get out of our wardrobes again at the end of 2021, are also pretty casual, but also go perfectly with the sporty, sloppy trend.  Read more about the trendsetters in the coming winter 2021/2022 now in my article exclusively on Bild der Frau online  

Lederimitat Office LookBusiness-

I spruced up this look with a striped blouse and V-sweater.  The imitation leather jogpants with the chunky boots add a big dose of coolness don top.  The look is really valuable due to the high-quality bag and the jewelry details.  If you want to see the pearl jewelry, just click in my article on

DaunenjackeWhat a luck:

down jackets

will also be kept for us.  They remain oversized and will be bright next winter.  Namely with bold neon colors that come up in the winter season 20/21.  I bet: The combination with jeans and chunky boots will remain at the forefront of the fashion trend.  You can find even more of the current fashion and beauty events every Sunday in my column on and of course here on



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