At least the calendar spring.  And somehow it’s enough with winter, winter coats, woolen clothes, thick tights and gloves – we finally want spring!  And of course the matching spring fashion.  So it is just right now to take a look at spring fashion 2021 and let a big breeze of the sunny spring freshness blow through our wardrobes.  Combining old with new is always my motto, because this is how the outfits get the desired trendy touch.

How trends are created

So the question arises, what‘s trendy in spring and how do new ideas for the hottest fashion come up?  It is worth taking a look into the drawers of the designers, who, viewed soberly, are not completely reinventing the fashion wheel, but rather often re-stage the “old” with surprising elements, different cuts, unprecedented details or colors. This is how it works.  For example, the tank top, which we actually classify as grandma’s wardrobe, but which is currently celebrating its big comeback, or the puff sleeves, which will be very popular in the warm months ahead. The spirit of time naturally also plays a major role in fashion. No wonder  that sweatsuits, jogpants and everything that is comfortable and cozy is at the top of our wish list. It fits to wear everything further than actually necessary: theme ​​OVERSIZE. Exactly! This trend will not leave us in 2021. And what is  actually with the trousers? From now on we want to wear them with a wide cut, straight legs and creases. Good old suit trousers, if you will. Either sporty with a basic-shirt and sneakers or elegant with a blouse, blazer and pumps.  You can wear what you want to be worn.

Some of the Top Spring 2021 Trends to Know


Fashion is one of the things that push our mood and we need a lot of that between the tough lockdown phases and careful openings.  At least that’s how I feel, because the year with the pandemic also left its mark on people in good spirits like me.  So it makes sense to take a look at pages with great, fresh fashion, like the one from  Just rummaging there makes you feel like spring and you can take your time to look around and choose smart items that perfectly complement the existing stuff.  Such as  e.g. the hoodie sweater from Rich & Royal, which is immediately reminiscent of cotton candy and is a perfect top with long skirts and wide trousers.

These colors are „on“

Speaking of cotton candy: with pink in all shades and thicknesses you are definitely right in spring 2021 and also with yellow.  Even if the colors chosen by the Pantone color institute for Color of the Year do not always prevail, the Illuminating PANTONE 17-0647 has such a good chance of asserting itself in terms of color, because yellow shows strength and positivity.  A splash of color from yellow in the outfit can also be great, especially with jeans, such as for example the bag by Liebeskind, which also fully meets the bag style 2021.  Sky blue is also one of the TOP TEN of the trendy colors for this S / S.  No wonder, this color conjures up a great complexion, especially for blonde women.

We love: Hoodies and Wide-Leg-Pants


The coming fashion season definitely wants to give a sunny outlook with warming, optimistic colors and give us confidence in a better future.  Last but not least, this is also indispensable for our human soul.  So stay in good spirits and let the spring of fashion move in.

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