I’ve never been as white as I am today. 

In any case, I can’t remember the last time my skin hadn’t seen the sun in such a long time.  This is simply due to the fact that the waves did not catch up with us at the sea, but with incidence figures that simply relentlessly washed away trips to the sunny regions.  Now;  you can regret it or let yourself be lapped by the view of the shallow waves in the sea.  No matter how – the fact is, I can’t remember ever having had such a long winter.  This is not without consequences for body and soul.  As far as my body is concerned, all “stripes” have been removed, so nothing rests of my „bikini print zone“. 


You can live with it;  doesn’t hurt after all.  Nevertheless, I just feel more comfortable in my body with a light bronze complexion.  Probably only because I’m used to it, because Asian women prefer absolutely white skin, which is why there are so-called whiteners in their creams – and all of them.  That’s simply how different we are.

Tanning salons are not my thing

Basically, I have nothing against the benches.  If you don’t overdo it, you can get a nice complexion and a good portion of vitamin D – but: I find that impractical.  Why?  You have to go there, you have to undress and dress and, on top of that, the story of the make-up.  I can’t wear Make-up under the tanning bed, because I’m meticulous.  Just go there in a jogger and without make-up, I don’t feel like doing it.

My Product-Test of Self Tanning Tools!

Selbstbräuner Test

For this reason I tried my hand at the self-tanner market.  I’ve tried tissues, foam and body lotion, but haven’t found anything I was really happy with.

  • The wipes don’t smell pleasant and I also find them impractical to use because you can never say exactly where you have run over them how many times and where maybe not at all.
  • With foam and body lotion, nothing 100% promised me the smell and then skin care is another thing.  Is there care in there at all?  Or do I have to apply my body lotion over it?  Does this reduce the tan effect?  For things that raise too many questions and just cost me unnecessary time, I prefer to leave it alone.

The good news:

I found a solution for myself 😊. SELF TAN drops.  Which I have tried and found to be good are from Clarins and for the body.  You simply put 4-6 drops in your body lotion and cream your body as usual.  It’s super really super simple.  I have my usual care, which smells good and a little bit of the self-tanning on top. I just love it.

What more could you want – I will stay with it – at least until the next wave, which I will hopefully experience at sea.

Selbstbräuner Test

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