Let’s not kid ourselves, this winter has been going too long anyway.  In front of my office window, Sturm Eugen is raging with all his might, tearing at the freshly sown plants in the fields in front of my door and not warming my mood at all.  I’m cold from looking at the hailstones pattering on my office window and I’m curious to see whether the heat turbo will come and, above all, when.  If I can do one, it’s summer – that’s for sure.

Apropos summer

For me, the word alone is firmly associated with good vibes, inspiration, the socks in the back compartment of my wardrobe, bare feet, tanned skin, gently wrapped in the warming rays of the sun.  This goes well with fashion that is fresh, absorbs and reflects these wonderful vibes.  In the fabric, in the color, in the look and feel.  Because: with 50OPlus the demands increase, it is enough – at least not for me anymore – that things just look good.  They just have to feel good, flatter my skin and be durable.

VESTIMENTUM PRIME fashion can do all of this and more, because the owner, Maria Sugameli-Borchert, ensures perfect chic with her very personal and competent advice.  She just has this perfect feeling for the right thing.  From our shoot – where we luckily caught the sunny hours – now come a few enchanting impressions that should set the mood for the upcoming summer fashion.

In the next post a lot more.  More looks, more details about the cuts and fabrics. 

Dear readers, now enjoy selected summer vibes as a foretaste, so to speak, and let yourself be taken in by a preview of the wonderful summer collection from VESTIMENTUM PRIME.

Giving big thanks to VESTIMENTUM PRIME for beeing chosen to present your wonderful fashion!

A Post in Cooperation with VESTIMENTUM PRIME.



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