When I was at my hairdresser’s in downtown Frankfurt last Saturday, I said to myself: oh damn, no parking space available.  This problem – if you want to call it such – has never existed in the past few months and I honestly enjoyed it.  I had less enjoyed having to run around with a mouse-gray hairline for 3 months – but only by the way.  Now the cities are full again.  So full of people and vehicles.  So full that it somehow doesn’t inspire me.

I find that I am weaned from normal life.  The fact that this abstinence corona life had become a habit for me, too, fell at my feet a few times now.  First at a meeting with a very dear friend, with whom I had arranged to meet for a glass of wine sometime in April.  We drank two glasses of wine, nibbled something for our hips, chatted extensively and before we recognized it, it was around 11. I don’t know if I broke any rule, at least it’s only a few steps from her to me and vice versa.  So too little to attract attention during an inspection.  I didn’t really care either, because our conversation filled me with joy.  For a few hours I had the pandemic, some everyday worries, in short: forgot all the stupid stuff.  When my alarm clock called for the morning shift at 6:30 the next morning, the joy was far less great.  I tortured myself out of bed and thought, Renate, you are really not used to anything good anymore.  OMG, I was so very tired.  So tired like I went through the night.  My only advantage for the moment: I didn’t have a hangover because you can’t get that from 2 glasses of wine.  Note: my body is getting used to more sleep and even less alcohol than usual. Or: Help, did the old age suddenly attack me?!!

I had the next encounter in relation to weaning while we were preparing for our vacation.  I don’t think it took me so long to pack up any 10 pieces from our closets.  Since we were traveling with a mobile home for a few days, I didn’t even need to pack them in a suitcase, just prepare laundry baskets to put in the storage compartments.  I was horrified at how many question marks arose in front of my closet.  Then I had to smile at myself.  Simply crazy to see how this banal question of clothes can trigger such a mental program.  Well, also weaned from traveling is the only reason I can conclude.

Back to Saturday: lots of people, full streets and squares – bustling and loud everywhere.  I have to get used to that too.  Even if it was totally normal in “old” life, it feels weird to me right now. The pandemic also had a few good side effects: no traffic jams in the city center and free parking spaces. But that’ll be fine again soon. Finally  man is a creature of habit after all 😊.


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