Martin – Webdesign

Martin is a WordPress professional and manages everything in the background. It’s incredibily important to me to give you a view behind the scences and let you get an impression of the BACKSTAGE-World. That the contributions appear as beautiful as you can see it on your mobiles and on the screens that is Martin’s work. The regular backup of all pages (countless …) on an external, x-protected server in Germany is one of his tasks. The protection of the site itself against hacker attacks also makes a major contribution. Probably it is hard to imagine, but we are not spared by these “bad guys”. Martin must therefore constantly ensure that all attacks are successfully fended off and no one “sneaks in” here who has no business on our sites.

In addition, he‘s “THE” man for everything that does not work like it is suppost to run. That also happens much more often than I could ever have imagined or anybody can imagine. Reasons are simply constant up-dates, innovations and so on. An Example: I routinely open in the morning and see one beautiful morning instead of the Instagram field in the sidebar only the lyrics to the pictures. Oh my God, for what reason they changed their system?! Then Martin has to run and get the mess back into the correct view. And that‘s just one of the points we daily run for.

Martin does that of course professionally and has his company in Friedrichsdorf (that is near Bad Homburg in the beautiful Taunus). Just write me if you need his contact information.