It’s about us >TOP AGER< and our Make-up. Brigitta Behrends has succeeded in developing a make-up specifically for the more mature skin. It makes you rosy, conjures freshness in your face, feels gently like silk and really creates a photofinish. With photofinish I mean, that the viewer can actually see the new freshness on your face, without having a „painted“ look. This point is particularly important to Brigitta Behrends and she always shows up in her videos and make-up instructions: Naturalness! Concealer is used to lighten, not to cover. It is about light and shadow; to get the right emphasis on the face. Her products are worked into the skin in thin layers on top of each other according to her ‚baking method‘ and are blurred gently on the skin with the fingertips. This makes the products perfect for a durable natural make-up. And what is well-worked in and joins with it, can not settle in the folds. This is new and convincing. Brigitta Behrends speaks plain text and me from the soul, when she says that too much make-up emphasizes the folds and less is just more. That’s why the glitter particles are missing in her product line without missing the glamor on your face. On contrary.

That her make-up works, shows Brigitta Behrends also on her own face. You can see it on the report-picture. For this, she shows herself completely without make-up. In the picture right next to it the Best Model Brigitta Behrends. This is not only courageous, but also perfection before and after. It looks amazing! And I give the same all-clear: it does not need any make-up artist for this effect. In her videos, she shows step by step how the transformation works. Everyone can do it, because it depends on the right ingredients – just like for cooking.
Her „ingredients“ are perfectly conceived. Everything is easy to handle, handsome and umcomplicated. The colors of the eyeshadow are individually packaged and not in color combinations or palettes, which prevents you from disposing everything when one color is empty or superfluous colors get collected like I do, unfortunatelly.

Who would like to come to the club of the Ageless Angels and try the new make-up, can order online a fantastic sample package at an angelic price and to become convinced. In addition Brigitta Behrends also helps with all questions. You can also contact her via DM for individual beauty tips. Find contact and more information on her website.
My first conclusion: the new Make-up 50plus is perfect for us TOPAGER: Giving a great look, a good feeling and that at every age!

Brigitta B. Behrends

PS: Those of you who would like to experiencs her lecture life, simply come to the BEAUTY fair in Düsseldorf – Sunday, April 2nd 2017, 3.00 pm. Subjekt: Feeling, Make-up and Style – ageless beautiful.

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