A serum for me is the thurst quencher and pure food for my face. It’s the first thing I apply after cleansing. My experience is that serums become more important as you get older. Good serums bring the property with it, except the optimal basic supply to achieve a smoothing effect. Optically, you may only perceive this in the magnifying mirror, but I also enjoy the good feeling. Pleasant and soothing is when you stroke over the face after applying it and it just feels really good. I personally do not mind if it gets a bit smoother. 😉 Now my skin’s need is different in summer and winter. Meant to say, in the summer I have fluid-like serums and in winter it may be a bit richer. In my capacity as tester for Cosmeterie.com, I got to know the grape seed intensive serum of >die Nikolai<. It is a serum that fits perfectly in this season, because it is really rich. After shaking, spread a few droplets from the pipette with your hands on your face and enjoy … The intensive serum takes a bit longer to absorb the skin, but it’s worth the wait!

PS: It gets even better when you have the spray in front of the serum (PURE SKIN FOOD, you remember my post about it.) It’s just so awesome that I included it in my daily care routine!

Nie ohne SERUM!
>die Nikolai< Serum, Pure Skin Food Spray

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