Never without my coffee

No matter whether harmful or not, a coffee after getting is a must for me. Without a cup a coffee would be like going to sleep without brushing your teeth and that’s a NO GO! I like to drink it together with my husband and our Alina (doggy darling). Then the day can start.

Die besten Morgenrituale für Topager
Love my morning coffee!

Energy Push

Water is life. Especially in the morning it is very important to provide the body with fluid. So drink at least a glass of water right after getting up. With lemon or lime, plus some ginger you can provide additional energy. You can simply fill up with a fruit smoothie. I also have glass of orange juice with my beauty food, which I can really recommend. Makes hair and nails beautiful! As food supplement I also need calcium. I suggest to ask your doc to find out, if anything is missing.

Water is giving freshness in the Morning!
Die besten Morgenrituale für Topager
Power Drinks!

Make up your bed

I guess it sounds pretty trivial but it’s great. I do it in the morning just after the coffee and my energy drinks. This gives me a great feeling because something is already finished. Same time I clean up the most important things right away and the first „chapter“ is done.

Die 6 besten Morgenrituale für Topager
Get your home ready!

Work it out

A quick workout in the morning is the perfect way to start the day, a few exercises make you feel relaxed and energized. I practise a combination of stretching and Yoga elements. It’s easy and done without any equipment. Leave at least 10 minutes in your timetable for your excercise.

Die besten Morgenrituale für Topager
One of my Yoga excercises (Alina Sweetie passes by…)

Dress for Sucess

With a power outfit that you love, you start the day with more self-confidence and a positive attitude. A little bit of make-up and you have the joy to leave the house in a good mood. So that everything runs smoothly, you plan your outfit best the evening before.

Die besten Morgenrituale für Topager
In my office a need a comfortable outfit

Set Priorities

The best strategy for a day that succeeds: do the unpleasant first. Everything that blocks your good energy; Things that affect your thoughts negatively, you should, if possible, work off first. Then there is time for space to perform miracles.

Die besten Morgenrituale für Topager
Get your head clear!

I wish you a fabulous start in every new day!


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