I love lipsticks that

  1. do not leak
  2. do not leave color edges on glasses and cups
  3. do not accidentally stick to the welcome kiss
  4. look after eating like bevor
  5. just keep perfect from morning to night

And yes, I like to have color on my lips, no matter if it’s nude, a bright red or sometimes dark tones.

>Without< I do not leave the house except in case of emergency. Same time I’m a big fan of practical things and also things I don’t get annoyed of after a while. And I think about the moments when women start to rummage in their bags while having lunch or dinner to get out lipstick an makeup mirror. Other ones ask to be excused and visit the rest room for giving the lips new shine.

Die perfekte Lippe!
Die perfekte Lippe
Perfekte Lippen

For perfect colored lips – even without injections – my favorite since years is the Super Stay 24 Color by Maybelline New York. Within my collection, which is just a part of the total offer you see that the choice is really large.


#510 is one of my favorite colors and a shining red
#260 is a berry color that fits to nearly every style
#363 is a deep purple tone that requires some courage. Some days I love it and some days I don’t. It just depends on my look and mood.

With the nude and rose tones you need to have a try, cause it depends on your skin type.

Maybelline New York

How to use:
Paint the color on your lips without lip contour pencil. I always start along the lip border and then color the whole. As soon as the color is dry, you take the balm side of the lipstick and go totally over your lips. This part of usage make your lips supple. The balm you can use all over the day and every time you feel they’re getting too dry.

Extra tip:
You can also mix colors or apply a soft color bleeding with a darker and lighter tone – just have a try.

You’ll only have success with this lipstick concept, when the color is really dry, before using the balm. Otherwise the color will smear and the system doesn’t work.

Perfect lips from early to late.

How to remove:
Which last all day isn’t easy to remove. Therefore herewith also my routine to get rid of it: Douglas Gentle Make-up Remover Eyes & Lips. And I just found out that the Augen Make-up Entferner by Cien (shop it at Lidl) removes the color perfectly.

Die perfekte Lippe

Unpaid Promotion!

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