Well, I think life is too short to come up with boring soles. It’s simple as that: The shoe makes your outfit cool or casual or sporty or classy or elegant or – or- or. That means, it comes quite a lot of the overall look on the shoe and somehow everyone looks on it. Because of my more than 22 years in the insurance business, I got used to look on my „colleagues“ feet. In many cases, the truth turns out to be the supposedly great success stories. Maybe it’s also one of the reasons why I’m never on the road with worn out slippers and injured heels are a disaster for me. That hurts me when I look at it.


Sneaker love
Love these boots…


To my delight we have at the moment as an alternative to the high hooks a wide and fantastic selection of colorful and strikingly processed sneakers. All magazines deal with combinations that would have been unthinkable before. As a fine black tux ever comes a platform sneaker with plenty of glitter and satin laces. Or a dress in combination with a rocky-colored sneaker version.

Actually everything is possible, even if it seems impossible at first glance. Somehow I think it’s funny and because I rather have a tendency to try out instead of rejecting, I like to go with it, because many styles look really cool. It’s a bit like giving freshness to the look and stamping it with a bold, “GOOD MOOD DAY” on it.

Now many will say, “mh, you can wear them anymore in that age”. But I’ve also discovered that there are a lot of so exciting sneakers that still have a special touch and that can also be worn over 50! And the best part is that they are just wonderful comfortable and you can walk the streets without torment, even for long distances. So as long as it is not too cold, you can do all the Christmas shopping easily. On top, there are now also lined variants that add warmth. I have put together my favorites as an example in this post. And I will certainly buy one or another, or put them on my wishlist for chrismas 😉


Sneakers love


I have found a really big and fine selection of trendy Sneakers on schuh24.de. Have a look over there, where the top brands are gathered and beautiful models at top prices, such as the sneaker by Tamaris in powder with bows. They give a feminine, sweet touch to skirts and pants. Also the flashy colored sneakers of Salolom I like very much. Salomon since now I knew just from ski boots, bindings and boards. However they’re just extremely cool. It’s something for the brave fashionistas under us girls.

Have fun browsing and see you soon.

A post in cooperation with schuh24.de


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