As Ulrike (you know her full name from the last post about skin vital concept) and I see each other again, we actually make a plan. So I do not choose one of the beauty treatments as usual. Instead I have the opportunity to say, what disturbs me when I meet this almost mid-fifties face in my mirror.

In opposite to what I read again and again in magazines, I’m not scared about my mirrow image. That’s me and we like each other. Even with wrinkles and lines. After all, I can see life and care in this face and that also falls into my consideration. But: if I still had a few suggestions for improvement, I would like to

  1. get rid of my puffy bags
  2. would like to talk again with the hanging part of the chin and
  3. also like to wear a rosy-fresh complexion, as Ulrike has.


BIOTIPS against puffy bags

Ulrike listens very carefully to me and answers: ‘Don’t worry, we will manage’, and spontaniously has some great Biotips against my puffy bags (may be a lymphatic problem) ready:

  • Put some ice cubes in >Mullflies< (from the pharmacy) and pat gently on the bags
  • Put 2 teabags with black tea short in hot water. Then lay the warm teabags on the puffy bags for about 5 minutes. They can reduce the swelling. After the treatment take some make-up remover, so that no discoloration on the skin remain
  • Lymphomyostot drops (available in the pharmacy) and dose them according to the leaflet and much Drink
  • Generally: After 18.00 o’clock only sparingly drink, since the body then no longer carry off the liquid.From her own cosmetic line
  • Vital Beauty Elixir

    The facial tonic contains a wealth of herbal energetic ingredients that boost microcirculation and stimulate lymphatic flow. Place the cotton pads soaked in the elixir on the eye area for 5 minutes.

After so much input, she also has an idea for me, namely to conjure up more vitality in my facial expression and that’s true, less fatigue and more energy in the face would be really good for me.

Staying beautiful is not an event.

Then she starts my treatment in the cosmetic institut of Na Fang, Fang Beauty Care at Goethestraße 35 in Frankfurt. Ms. Fang has mostly Asian customers, who take vast routes to get a treatment with skin vital concept. She tells me that the Asian porcelain complexion “is not just natural, but that Asian women spend much more time preserving their beauty than European women are willing to.” In a nutshell: rather fast syringes during lunch break, as regular treatments. I am amazed and must agree: we are trimmed for immediate effects, which can not work if you understand the skin as an organ.

My individual beauty program of today

But back to my treatment: it‘ feeling good right from the beginning. It starts with the make-up removal, because I did not want to go “naked” an had already announced that. Because it’s just a point that always bothers me. When I go from my hotel room in the spa area, I need no makeup, but as soon as I go out of my house, then I need some makeup on my skin.

The treatment stars wiwth cleaning and peeling (gentle fruit acid peeling). The exfoliation is done with the help of a vibrating brush and feels like the skin scales are swept away. Now the skin feels totally clean and absorbs the tonics like nothing else. In the next step, Ulrike gently strokes with a technical device over my skin that opens the pores, which is also very pleasant and is accompanied by a slight tingling sensation. While the algae mask is a blessing once again, I get all the processes explained exactly and do not have to indulge in 15 minutes of ocean noise, which I personally do not like at all. After the algae mask has set and becomes like a second skin it’s easly getting removed.

Ulrike Freifrau von Ginsheim

Meanwhile I’m getting a lymphatic drainage where I can relax wonderfully.

With power in the truest sense of the word the treatment continous, namely with Power Plate for the face, as Ulrike calls it. And yes, this technique excites me, because I feel how the facial muscles are kissed awake, oh my godness, how good is that!

In the end, my skin is treated with individual active serums and her Cell Structure Cream. My face actually looks better and feels really good.

Beauty Challenge Tag No. 1

I leave with a light daily makeover from Brigitta B. Behrends – my best of makeup – and now I’m cheerfully continuing on to the next appointment. When I meet my husband again in the evening, he says spontaneously: “Hey, you look fresh, honey!” It does not get any better and the joy of my next appointment with Ulrike could not be greater. Her high end concept approach convinces me already!

A post in cooperation with skin vital concept.


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