What Hamburg and Beauty…

… have to do with each other, I explain directly,

because the real reason was the Beauty Talk by Brigitta B. Behrends and Baronin Ulrike von Ginsheim. My Job was the moderation of the talk, what I did with a lot of joy! – I come back to that later…

To my pleasure I had the opportunity to spend more time in the city with Elbe and Alster. Finally, cities develop and change by time;  you experience them again and again different. So also this time.

Emotionally I got the most touched of the totally big contrasts, which I did not experience during my last visit to Hamburg 3 years ago.  I do not mean to say that the contrasts between poor and rich do not exist in Frankfurt – maybe they are not so close to each other there;  maybe I just do not realize it so consciously because I live there.

Back to Hamburg: when you leave the station, it stinks miserable. The reason for this is the public stainless steel toilet, which will probably never be cleaned.  Right and left of it people who live on the street there.  How they endure that is a mystery to me.  About 600 m further the doors of the legendary Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg open.  A janitor who who welcomes the guests, perfect service, great renovated rooms.  The world seems to be fine in Udo Lindenberg’s home.

Change of location.  No less striking is the contrast on the Reeperbahn.  Beautiful people in beautiful clothes at the Operetta House, where currently the musical > Tina Turner < is running.  Strong voices deliver a brilliant show about a woman with a boundless will to live and the incredible courage to push away boundaries of age, gender and skin color.  Not only the story tears, but also the voices and the sympathetic portrayal.  I can definitely recommend a visit.  A few minutes walk to Davidwache away from the show, young women line the street waiting for their suitors.  OK, that’s how it always has been, even when the opera house was still performing the musical > Cats <.  And yet it touches me, inevitably raises the question of why we can not manage to keep the worlds closer together in our rich country.  The much said scissor, that divides and no one cares about.



I made a lot in Hamburg in brilliant sunshine and I can recommend such as follows:

Miniatur Museum

Actually, my husband was the first to go there, because somehow I thought that was more like a male thing.  But on the contrary, the mini worlds with day and night imitation are totally impressive and should not be missed.  The tickets for the admission period is best bought at home at the desk, so you do not have to wait there.  You can stay as long as you like or the eyes that can absorb the many to see and to follow up.  Diagonally opposite you can eat and drink.  Price and performance fit.


From the miniature museum you can easily reach the Elbphilharmonie on foot and also a tour on the visitor platform should be part of your plan.  The access via long escalators is free and the 360-degree view over Hamburg’s borders a feast for the eyes.


Lingering for a moment under the arcades with a latte macchiato is actually obligatory and for me still one of the most beautiful places in Hamburg.  You have the imposing town hall in front of you, the Alster with water feather cattle and water sports.  Under the arcades many passers-so plenty to look at.


The outdoor lounge at the Outer Alster, a 2-minute walk from the Antlantic, is my new discovery.  You have to go there, if you want to be at the waterfront.  With an unobstructed view of the lake, swans and gulls, boats berthing or passing by, you will be pampered with great food and drinks for breakfast.  Just awesome!  When the weather is good, a.mora opens with open end.

Beauty Talk

But now finally back to the actual reason of my visit to Hamburg, the Beauty Talk.  It took place on the 24th of June at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg.  I had already announced the event of Brigitta Behrends and Baroness UIrike von Ginsheim on Facebook and Instagram and now it was finally time.  In some DM’s I was asked what it is all about and that’s why I’ll tell you about it.  For the Beauty Talk, the two guest and product donors invited owners of cosmetics studios, spas etc. to talk about their products, applications and effects.  The two of them have searched for a super noble frame and spoiled the participants with champagne and Petit Four.  My job was to moderate the talk.  Of course, that was not difficult for me, because I have been a convinced user of the products of both beauty experts since long. The fact that their products are simply great and do make you become realy more beautiful, I have described in many related posts.  By the way, there are also great tips for the application.  You can quickly find all the contributions on the category BEAUTY.

Well, the beauty talk was a great success and the participants were very enthusiastic and interested.  For beauticians, too, it is essential to know what the market offers in order to be able to offer the “best-offs” in their own studios, especially under a holistic approach, from #innerbeauty – high-end care concepts up to perfect make-up  Last but not least, the customers are becoming increasingly demanding.

Beauticians who are interested in working with Brigitta B. Behrends and / or Baroness Ulrike von Ginsheim, can simply get in touch directly. Just use one of the many links.

Great impressions of the beauty talk has captured by INDIGA JAY – her pictures are really beautiful:

Cooperation with Brigitta B. Behrends and skin vital concept (Baronin Ulrike von Ginsheim)


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