In order to get into a fashionable “mood”, sometimes the view on the street is enough and when you want to express that instalike is what you see – among others – what is called streetstyleColors, shapes and looks.  I notice that the Insta Stars have millions of followers and get as many likes on their posts, which reflects only in exceptional cases, what the women wear or, better said, can wear.  I totally agree that most of the looks shown, look just mega.  Hip, trendy, fancy, OMG, Bang, WOW, just very, very cool.  In addition, they are all extremely good photographed and staged.  In truth, Germany is not really fashion in international comparison.  I keep seeing that many are struggling.  Not only with the color combinations, but also with finding the right style for their figure.  What’s more, the many millions of women can not or will not afford an outfit in the order of several thousand euros.  Not to mention the number of it-bags, for which you also get a small car.

Nevertheless, or just because of it, the view of the street is worthwhile.  You can get ideas and see what other women are currently combining and thinking about their own wardrobe.  Again and again, I check whether I am right with my fashion forecasts, because my work starts well before the season and it takes a good nose.  For even more inspiration, there are also fashion blogs … 😉 & magazines.  Whereby: most of them just show “NEW”, put buying impulses and emotionally express the whole outfit ist to put on ‚must-have‘ or your wishlist.

I see my job first and foremost as being to create a good mix, which means I work with new and old. I am convinced that in many wardrobes there are little sweethearts just waiting to be rediscovered, so I sort my shirts, blouses and pants by color and can therefore choose immediately what’s going together. Futhermore my shoe and bag assortment is rather big – that’s because of my age 😊. Shoes and bag often decide on the interpretation of a look, so rather sporty or elegant or or or…


I am so much fun  if I can give women tips on how to combine old and new together in a stylish way, and also what you should pay attention to when it comes to cuts and colors in the seasonal style  want to.

As for the fall colors, you had an update in one of the latest fashion posts;  in today’s post the styles are on the line.  Speaking of colors: Yes of course, they already confirm my preview.  They are just “sprouting” on the street.


Dresses, long blazers, long coats, overalls, pleated skirts in midi and maxi length, plaid and: cowboy boots! Who has not yet gone under the cowboys,  will probably not get past it.

Adults Romance

This is how the dresses present themselves this autumn: with many patterns, also a mix of patterns, playful and really feminine. Ideal for the office and for all who love dresses. I prefere dresses in length of the plait.

Dresses and skirt: INCOGNITO

Pleated skirts

For a good reason I decided to buy the pleated skirt. The color is perfect for autumn and perfect for combining. It goes classy and sporty to wear as you can see in the pictures, In the office I would combine blouse, blazers and booties.  Strong and new are turquoise and pink in darker shades to combine. Yellow-orange as well as shades of brown harmonize very also very well – black anyway. And: why pleated? Because the many pleats swing beautiful andare the opposite of boring.  Midi and Maxi, both lengths are really nice.

Long blazers

I have hoarded quite a number of them in my collection and I am convinced that you can find a corresponding part in almost every wardrobe.  Who wants to be on the newest fashion line, should make sure that the blazer goes well over the butt with a rather masculine cut.  So called Utility-style.  Here in the picture I’m wearing a straight-cut blazer from Incognito, a real world champion.  Fashionistas wear only a basic shirt under the blazer in a bright color or white.  On the leg can also be a cycling pants – also sport pants I have seen in this combination already …

Black outfit (left side), Demin Overall: INCOGNITO. Black Overall: MANGO.


Slip in and be ready.  More quickly you can’t dress.  Only the toilet then takes just a little longer.  Otherwise, I think the jumpsuits are just easy and chic to wear.  Whether from Demin or fabric.

Rainy Days

Do you know the stylish raincoats from SutterheimSutterheim is a Swedish label that focuses on quality, design and ‚Made in Europe‘.  They don‘t only look very stylish, they are also very comfortable.  Completely wind and rainproof on top.  For the rainy days in autumn really perfect.

Outfit left side: INCOGNITO, Raincoat: SUTTERHEIM

Reviewed for you – Material

Rubberized coating in 100% PVC on a cotton / poly membrane (52% Cotton and 48% Polyester)
Metal buttons.
Strings in 100% cotton.
Designed in Stockholm, Sweden.
Made in Poland.

The Shoes we wear A / W 2019

As final advice: the shoes most fashionable the upcoming season.  We wear like (order of importance):

  1. Cowboy boots
  2. Overknees
  3. Booties, like with metal and cutouts (buckles / eyelets, etc.)
  4. White booties, like in the Cowgirl variant
  5. Rainboots, when it’s wet outside


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