… for Miles & More, it is a real milestone, the new Lufthansa WorldShop, at Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1, Hall B (Public area), which was officially (re-)opened on 4th December 2019.


For Sebastian Riedle, Managing Director of Miles & More GmbH, this means addressing customers in a way that suits them better, responding better to customer requirements, structuring the point of sale in such a way that the customer know immediately where what’s to get.  And in an ambience that invites you to enjoy a bright and friendly interior and turns shopping into an experience.  It is no secret that customer data is evaluated in order to generate buying impulses with appropriate incentives.

At this issue the journalist of F.A.Z. took on stage.  For her an important point, because no customer appreciates endless advertising and we talk about 35 million Lufthansa Miles & More customers worldwide.  That means, 35 million a little less than half of them in Germany – who can buy with their Miles & More card. “Advertising or offers are only dosed and geo-based used,” it says from the management level, because of course, here is known  that customers appreciate being informed, but not flooded.

Photo: Re-Opening of the Lufthansa WorldShop at the international airport Frankfurt: Welcome and Re-Opening with Sebastian Riedle (Geschäftsführer Miles & More GmbH) and Harry Hohmeister (Vorstandsmitglied der Deutschen Lufthansa AG & Chief Commercial Officer Network Airlines).

For me, other aspects were important at the re-opening, namely that of a normal potential customer.  So what it’s like to look around and shop there before heading to his gate.  Do I feel so addressed and invited to buy?  Yes, definitely! The shop is bright and modern. Right and left of the large entrance you will immediately discover the stylish travel accessories of the current season, which are very clearly and attractively decorated.

Including of course the upcycling collection. The collection of bags and accessories that were made from a decommissioned A340 – I reported about it (to the article’s here).  That this collection is almost completely sold out, did not really surprise me, because every single product has its own exclusive character, convinces with high quality and was at least already on the way through the whole world.  With the purchase one may call not only a piece of aviation history ist own, but also the wonderful idea to make new from old.

The story of the transformation into a second life is told everywhere, where products carries an “i” by simply opening the Miles & More app and holding the scanner on the so called NFC-Tags to make it more worth your while to experience.

But all the other lifestyle products also arouse desires, such as the rose bag, which just went so well with my outfit.

In the middle of the WorldShops you find an island of inspiration, with exhibited products that are not otherwise found in this combination.





Absolute eye catcher of the e-scooter for the little ones with Steiff animal and suitcase next to it.  You can really get inspired by that.




At the very back are the classics, so the suitcases.  At the opening it was packed full, the beautiful suitcase wall with the most important travel utensils in all sizes.  2 hours later big gaps.  The suitcases found in a short time rapid sales and I could hardly believe it, had I not been there myself.

On the left side of the suitcases is a real innovation, namely a vending machine, which works via a super easy-to-use touch screen.  The machine not only sells, it also gives away and makes game freaks happy, because it houses a kind of “slot machine”.  It‘s just gorgeous and invites you to try it out. My test was mastered with brilliance  – I was very proud and happy.

MILES & MORE  –  Bonus Miles

For all the shopping you can of course also get rid of miles, if you have a Miles & More card.  If you have a credit card through Miles & More, you earn award miles not only on flights but also on purchases made via the card.  These can then be redeemed for all sorts of rewards, not just for flights and upgrades.  On this page you will learn how diverse the possibilities are of redeeming bonuses or donating.  From a milessum of 3,000 miles you can use the miles in the shop and the wonderful service staff immediately check how many miles are on the card.

Stationary shopping is still my personal favorite, because you can just touch things, feel, try, open, smell – yes, just buy with all your senses.  No matter, when you arrive, depart or just stop by, the new Lufthansa WorldShop is an experience and a visit (almost) obgligatory.

A post in cooperation with Lufthansa, Miles & More – thanks a lot for being with you

PS: Anyone looking for a special occasion to get to know the shop in person can celebrate their new, practical suitcase collection (with titanium) on 16.01.2020 with Barbara Schöneberger.  A unique opportunity to experience the star first hand.



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