It was spring a few years ago.  On a sunny Friday, I stood in line at the cash desk of the flower shop and held my bouquet for the weekend when the volcano suddenly erupted in me.  So not that it had somehow been announced.  No, I just stood there unsuspecting and there was a heat brewing in my center, so to speak, guys, I was quite amazed.  My body was out of control and me too.  A few moments later the heat exploded in all directions and in a few seconds I literally bathed in my own sweat.  When I felt that the sweat then coldly made its way to my waistband over my back, I looked around really startled.  Had anyone seen the volcanic eruption ?!  Experienced anybody this happening ?!

While bying my weekend flowers the “heat”-attack came over me.

Oh my god, now I had to pay my flowers first.  Get out of the shop, back to the car and I spontaneously thought: first breathe, take a deep breath.

So there they entered my life, these messengers of the menopause that I hadn’t called and didn’t want.  I find all the terminology for it really stupid, because it implys you doing aging with the ailments, the banal weaknesses as well as the nasty illnesses.  I didn’t want any of that and then got it.  Then I came up with at least one sympathetic word, namely 2nd puberty.  I can live with it quite well, meanwhile we are even friends 😊

The second puberty

I came upon it when a few weeks later unsightly pimples sprouted on my face.  I already knew that, namely from the first puberty.  Just terrible – then as now.  And – wrong as I did then – I tried to tackle them, to express them, to simply flatten them.  Please do not imitate under any circumstances, because that only makes things worse.  In a rather bad mood, I then sought advice from my gynecologist, who was much less astonished than I was, because that’s exactly what the 2nd puberty  can do.  And he asked me about all the other complaints that can sneak up there – I name a few of them: sleep disorders, mood changes, joint pain, loss of libido, vaginal dryness – so the list was long.  I have no idea but my sweats – which came over me mostly at night – and the pimples were more than enough.  No fan, no pimples, it was real enough for me with my first puberty and now again such a procedere.  So my doc and I started with replacement hormones and after about 3 months I didn’t change my pajamas 2-3 times a night, but only 1 x.  Yuhuhh, an intermediate success.  With age you like to be satisfied with all those small steps.  As far as night sweats are concerned, I actually manage quite well – now with normal hormones.  Could be better, but as I said …

The pimple episode

The pimples also went back through the hormones, but with the clean skin, fortunately I had for many years, it was over for now.  At least I could hide the little blemishes and redness under the make-up.  That was not satisfactory and the remedies known for acne did not help.  Fortunately, I actually started a cooperation with Skin Vital Concept in early 2019 as part of my blogging activity.  The product developer, Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim, who already has expertise in very well-known brands such as Shiseido, Sisley, Yves Saint Laurent and others.  She recommended me regular use of the >Vital Beauty Elixir< developed by her.

Yes, I followed, but with skepticism and my inherent impatience.  And precisely because of that, I did not follow the advice to apply the elixir with a damp cotton pad for the first 14 days, no – I put it from the fingertips directly to the face.  On the one hand, it at least tingled for a moment, on the other hand, I felt incredibly well at the same time.  In retrospect, I would say it was stimululating in the most positive sense.  You immediately feel: something is effecting your skin.  It stimulates and smoothes the facial skin directly when applied.  My skin soaked it up like a sponge, that was probably how thirsty it was from the many bad pretreatments.  With the care confusion in the oversupply madness probably no wonder.

The wonder weapon – the Vital Beauty Elixir

With my experience from back then, I would like to recommend everyone to start with the gentle method – that is, to apply with a damp cotton pad.  After 14 days you can safely switch to direct application.  After a few weeks you will see how the skin regulates, balances and stabilizes.  It may sound strange to someone who doesn’t know the facial tonic, but that’s exactly what the skin’s elixir does.  The renewal process, which is additionally supported by the application, normalizes the complexion, redness and pimples disappear because also the sebum production comes to normal.  After 3 months all pimples had disappeared from me and fortunately none have appeared until today.

The “Allrounder” for your face – by Skin Vital Concept


The Beauty Elixir is VEGAN and free of mineral oils, parabens, silicone oils, perfume and PEG.  And if you want to know more, just have a look at the attached pdf.


Very important: good facial care starts with cleaning and should be part of the daily care routine.  How it works in the best case, you can actually read in my current column exclusively on the Bild der Frau.


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