“I only let water and CD on my skin …” – a huge brand history from the late seventies, with this meaningful sentence, which is inscribed deeply in our heads. Also in mine. Intinctinctly it is clear, that face and skin care is a matter of trust. Absolutely.

From trial and error

In search of the “best care” almost 40 years later you go to much larger maze because the offer for us unknowing users is basically unmanageable.  We are attracted with all (im-)possible promises. Images and slogans with convincing results are intended to inspire trust and it is not uncommon for us to fall by the wayside with our expectations – the bold dreams of a flawless face.  Somehow no wonder when you realize that there is tricking around every corner;  Agencies to promote sales by word and picture „fake”, in addition, expert advice is an extremely difficult place.  Because at the end of the day one thing is of central importance for the brands: that all the tubes, jars & vials end up in our bathroom.

With the lack of honesty in the industry in general and the products in particular, the question is not far off  who you can actually trust and who might have a personal interest in promises of care being honored – that is, who lacks the money in the till if the result does not fit. The search for the melting pot, where passion, enthusiasm, competence, knowledge and experience simmer and what we basically want is brewing.  Namely: get the best out of us.  In other words: treatments and preparations that actually do the skin good and, at best, also make us look “fresh”.

My Challenge with Skin Vital Concept

When I started the Challenge with Skin Vital Concept a year ago, I was skeptical.  My skin had suffered dramatically after a difficult operation and 6 kilos of weight loss, and of course I longed for “recovery” in the broadest sense.  So not only gaining weight, but also radiance and energy on the face was my aim. The fact that I had lost skin-brightness did not escape the trained eye of the product owner, Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim, at the first meeting.  At the same time, I asked a lot of questions and expressed wishes for concrete improvements: more contour, fewer bags under the eyes and in the best case a few less of these wrinkles.  Here you can read about the start…

The effect turned out well.

I anticipate the result without any suspense, because it is ultimately what matters. 

But back again: when we started Ulrike treated me personally, took a close look at my skin and what was missing.  As a product and concept developer, this is basically not her job, but she was and is not too good to do her own hand, to also advise and treat personally and individually.  She knows beforehand that it will work;  after all, her good name stands for the brand and the concept.  It is not for nothing that she is always asked for advice when colleagues from specialist circles with skin problems no longer know what to do.

What she had promised me from the beginning was the improvement in the condition of my skin and this can actually be observed step by step.  In particular, the applications “in the cabin” using the device technology developed by her give the skin visibly rejuvenating impulses.  And by that I mean that the strength improves noticeably;  the treatments write a new portion of vitality and energy on the face almost every time.  The pores on my cheeks in particular have refined and the skin structure has become firmer.  If you consider that I undoubtedly got a year older in the course of the challenge, that’s actually a sensation.  Because: we are not talking about the use of minimally invasive interventions, but about high-end care products in combination with regular treatments every 1.5 to 2 months.


in combination with

High-tech Cosmetics

Honesty right from the start

Or should I say better: you can trust her concept a 100%?  Both apply.  It is the combination of the finest active ingredient cosmetics and the latest device technology that makes this result possible.  The care for at home – which is individually tailored to the needs of the skin – is one thing.  The other, the treatments with high-tech cosmetics tailored to the preparations, that means the treatments in the beauty salon.  Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim attaches great importance to professional application and educates all cosmeticians who are allowed to work with Skin Vital Concept, especially for the application on and with her device technology.  The very special thing about the brand is, of course, that not only a name is behind it, but a person.  Namely a woman who is totally committed to the topic with knowledge and passion, who is constantly working on innovations and with whom you can even speak as a user if you want to.



Remain you.
Stay beautiful. 
Keep your natural beauty.

With Skin Vital Concept – exclusive skin care that is more than skin deep.


A Post in Cooperation with Skin Vital Concept.


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