If someone used to talk to me about food supplements, I used to say, “no, I do not need that!” Well, I thought for good reason, because I eat very well after the existing understanding of healthy eating , little fat, fresh vegetables & fruits, salad and yes, now and then a piece of meat or fish not to forget: little alcohol, fast food maybe twice a year, quite balanced, varied and delicious. I was always very confident and completely convinced.

Die besten Morgenrituale für Topager
I love Smoothies!

I would never have thought, that what I am taking is healthy, but not sufficient in terms of nutrients. It only became noticed about 7 years ago,  when I brougth in 2 osteoporotic fractures an both legs of the carf while jogging. In the course of the investigations, it was then established that I already had bones like a 100 years old. Through that accident I was really alarmed!

The reason is so simple that it really needs no nutritional advice. Eating healthily but not enough can lead to deficiency symptoms. In my case quite considerable … For good reason, I have been taking supplements for my body since then and up to now.

Brigitta B. Behrends recently launched an ingenious supplement for skin and hair – her Model‘s beauty food. As her brand ambassador for Make-up 40Plus I was allowed to test it right away. Now I take it for a good month and can really report already from the first excellent results. The hair grows better and you won‘t not believe it: even the eyelashes. They have become more poetical and longer. Just awesome! The nails also benefit because they have become more stable in the short time. This has even attracted my podiatrist, who asked me at the time of our last appointment what I‘m doing ‚cause my nails would be so great and also the cuticles. By the way, she’s now also a beauty food fan.

Echtes Beauty FoodSo girls, you know, I’m always skeptical about such things, but the beauty food is simply convincing, because what’s written on the packaging actually happens. Now I’m curious to see what happens next. Beauty comes from inside an ancient wisdom, which is still valid today. I’ll keep you up to date … and: it’s worth trying – here’the direct way to her shop!

Echtes Beauty Food

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