Few days ago ELLEN turned 65 years old and is just spraying with joy.

We got in touch, because she found the article about me in the women magazine >Zeit für mich< (time for me) and wrote to me that she also does not want to hide. Wonderful. She’s Grandma and still loves to dress up stylish and beautiful. Her story has moved me and I think it’s great that I’m allowed to report on our interview today. Ellen is a great role model for our readers 60 Plus!

Life is beautiful.

What does fashion and Beauty mean to you?

„I‘ve always been a bit out of the ordinary and thought earlier that there must be something else in life than just household and children. Even in times when I did not have so much money at my disposal, I always made myself pretty and that is still so today, fashion & dress already is important to me, after all you want to be seen with 60 or 65. The attitude finally I do not have to show myself is not for me, on the contrary, I could go shopping without end and like window shopping as well to see the latest trends. I am open to everything and far from hiding in sackcloth and ashes. Finally, you get from the viewer a reflection and that fills me up with pride.“

Ellen loves a fashionable style.

Speaking about „beauty“, what do you think about beauty OP’s and the whole anti-aging-cosmetics?

„I love care and went to the beautician early on. For creams and skin care I have always spent a lot of money, because I am not only concerned with the high quality of the ingredients, but also that the products are produced without animal testing. I’m sorry to say that many of the manufacturers are not mentioning more presently on their tubes and jars, how they produce it.

I just feel sorry about those who try to conserve their youth with lifting programms (injections, facelift etc.). In my opinion it‘ a lot more important to stay young in mind and to laugh. To enjoy life like it is, instead of running around with a fixed mimic.  It often appears  just dull, kind of lifeless mask.“

Dear Ellen, you’re just so sprinkling with balance and good humor nd energy. Where do you take these from?

„My burn-out illness 2015 with anxiety and depression has changed my whole life. I was very low down. But I thought I had to get out of there taking any help available. Fot this reason I took every offer and tried a lot of things. I stayed with what is good for me. Meditation and Yoga for example. So I gradually learned to find my inner peace and tranquillity. Extremely important and a lot of positive Spirit also gives me my faith. I pray and go to the church. That gives me so much. Strength, peace, tranquillity, contentment.“

In addition to the moments of retreat you are happy to go out – what are your favorites?

„It may sound funny, but I love going on tour and if needed, even alone Life is far too short to wait for others to decide. I do not let me bend and do my thing, I’ve done that before and can only recommend it to anyone. Women trust me, it’s the best you can do! Otherwise, of course I am also incredibly happy with my grandchildren on the way. My daughter 36 and 37 years old) have given me a total of 3 (to date) and I spend with them regularly 2 days a week. I enjoy the time with my family!“

Interview mit topagemodel
Ellen likes to go out – here: getting ready for carneval!

Do you talk about illness?

“Never, never, because who likes to be ill? I also avoid thinking about it. When people in my area are affected, that’s what bothers me, and then I think, hopefully you’ll have a few more years left …“

What are your plans for the future? Do you have concrete plans?

First and foremost, I want to continue like last time. However, there are a few things I have set for myself:

  • traveling to Ireland
  • taking care for dogs from an animal shelter
  • doing hospice work

I’ve been thinking of that for some time, because I am really thankfull for everything that was given to me in my life. I would like to give something back.

Dear Ellen, is there anything you would like to share with our readers in your life?

„Stay true to yourself and be yourself. Just accept yourself as you are. That’s very important. Be thankful for everything that life gives to you and live in gratitude. In the moment you feel it, just say THANK YOU. THANK YOU for this beautiful life!”


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