Summer – sun and glow, that belongs together like winter, ice and snow.

And what better way than to compete with the sun and immerse the face in a natural glow that makes you look dewy-natural.

To be really honest, I did not really make it for years, even though I’ve tried to go up and down all the shelves of parfume and drug stores.  Sometimes it was to „thick“, sometimes too little glimmer or too much and finally, the times to glitter like a disco ball are fortunately over.  For absolute well-being in the summer it needs light textures, which connect like a gentle touch with the skin and are basically not to be felt.  During summer and hotness, nobody really wants to feel like painted, but light and still great instead.  Same time the makeup must stand sun, wind and water and should also not loose its glow by a bead of sweat. These points as minimum requirement for a perfect summer glow is not little I suggest, and it’s probably just these things that make it hard to find the perfect product, even though the beauty market is full of them.

Hallo Sommer

I’m happy to let you participate from my experiences and can save you efforts including trial and error. Because the wonderful circumstance that Brigitta B. Behrends – for whom I have been passionately blogging for over 2 years now and posting – exactly offers the perfect product in her range. And the best thing about: it always works, it is super easy and quick to apply, and it just lasts the whole day.

So I proudly present:

Angel’s Magic Powder

Hello Summer


It’s as easy as that:

  1. Apply day care
  2. Cover redness, shadows and small wrinkles with the >Angels Cover< by Brigitta B. Behrends.
    Simply determine the desired opacity with your fingertip.
  3. Spread Angels Magic Powder with a large powder brush – better: with the make-up brush by Brigitta B.
    Hello Summer
    Make-up Brush

    Behrends- generously over the entire face.  Depending on the amount of powder you can play with the coverage.

  4. As last step, go gently with the palm of your hands over your face, so that a nice connection between facial care and powder arises.  After a few moments, the brownish powder blends into your complexion and let   your skin shine.


Please see a step-by-step explanation here in the tutorial by Brigitta B Behrends.  It does not take 3 minutes.

Personally, I add some rouge, a lipstick and a small eye make-up to the fresh glow.

Hallo Sommer
Summer-Glow with Angels Magic Powder by Brigitta B. Behrends


That the look is just right also for summer nights, you see in the picture above. The only think I changed: a stronger eye make-up.

Hallo Sommer
Angels Magic Powder in the Evening


As you can see, a lot is possible with Angels Magic Powder! From a small make-up to get bread rolls up to the summer glow nightlife makeup.  Simply magic!

Convince yourself and find more information in the shop
Last but not least it’s of great importance to me to let you know that all my pictures are as real (no photoshop) as I am.

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Big thanks to Brigitta B. Behrends and our cooperation! [AD/Promotion]



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