Let’s start with that: The conventional cream that we apply every day on our skins does not do it, so >getting under your skin<.  It’s basically just a promotional promise from the beauty industry that makes you feel good.  Soft, smooth, silky, radiant skin.  Everyone wants.  Unfortunately, after all cream does not make what is required in this sense.  Put simply, in the vast majority of cases cream consists of water and fat. The water content evaporates quickly and the fat remains on the upper skin layer (epidermis).  That’s what feels soft and smooth.  Until the next shower …

The fact that the promise announced on all the tubes and cream pans can not work is explained very quickly.  Our skin, the very top of it, is the protective shell of our body.  Depending on the size of the body, it measures approximately 1,5 to 2 square meters and is our largest organ, which has a number of important functions.

Their dense cell structure serves as a shield against invading germs, bacteria, foreign matter, sunlight and anything that could cause damage >inside<.  Figuratively speaking, skin is the moat in front of the castle wall.  Extremely resilient, elastic and strong, it protects us from the wrong friend and enemy.  Because it has no vessels and nerves, but horns and constantly renewed, it can be quite robust.  True to the motto: here nobody comes in so fast!

Although I’m not a dermatologist or beautician, but I can well imagine that active substances can only get into the skin, if on the one hand not so many horny sculpin obstract their way and on the other hand, what is so small that it  can creatifely pave its way.  Anyway, when we talk about facial care, which should have an effect – such as smoothing or wrinkle reducing.

Next question: are there cosmetic products who go under the skin? 

Yes, they exist.  At least that’s what I can say from my personal experience with Skin Vital Concept, and you’ve certainly read the reports from my Beauty Challenge.

Where which product of Skin Vital Concept has ist effect you can see in the following overview:

This illustrates very clearly that all care products have their effect in the epidermis.  It is therefore all the more important to combine the high-intensity care with the corresponding device technology, because that is what it ultimately means: namely, the strengthening and restructuring of the skin from the inside out.  After about 3 sessions in a corresponding cosmetics institute you can feel it, discover the first visible improvements in the mirror.  My girlfriend, who looks very closely, has approached me (who likes, can read her statement here).  To illustrate the effect, see the following overview.


So what happens “on the beauty couch” I would like to describe from my personal experience as:

Power Peel

This has something of “sweeping”.  If you did not know better, you would think that someone is brooming his face.  At the same time, one immediately associates what it does, namely intensively cleansing.  In other words, the top layer of skin is removed intensively and gently at the same time. 

Power Peel


It’s like a gentle tingling sensation as the device slides gently over your facial skin.  Absolutely painless and on the contrary, it feels good.  What happens is, that the finest nappies (not of metal) penetrate the epidermis in milliseconds, freeing the way into the dermis for active-substance serums, which are then applied.  On the one hand, this method produces an immediate effect (visible upholstery) through the use of the active substance serums; on the other hand, the active ingredients stimulate cell regeneration and operate dermal / epidermal skin structure.



„Spocki to Earth“, I thought for a brief moment when I first saw the device for radio frequency treatment and it still seems like a  bit “spacy” to me. At the same time it is my personal belief, that this treatment is the secret weapon of this concept.  At a “procedural” temperature of 38 ° C, one can not help feeling that the effect is in depth, and in fact radio frequency treatment works to the connective tissue, and everyone knows that it gets flaccid with advancing age. I like the picture telleing these cells: „Hey, do not lay around so lazy.”  That we users and clients understand which processes are involved in this process bio-chemically in our skin without getting bored I doubt. Therefore my feeling conclusion:  It’s like a wake-up call to the cells: move, renew, fix, regenerate-you know how to do it.  And yes, the impulse reaches deeper skin layers definitely with regular use for a significant improvement in the skin condition.

Radio frequency treatment

Facial fitness-massage

This is probably the most enjoyable part when the facial muscles are gently and specifically strengthened.  And no, it’s not a torment, as I sometimes experience in sports, it’s a blessing.  Pure relaxation, which also reaches the soul when you can indulge in the wonderful feeling.  Your body is known to “steel” muscles, and figuratively, it works in the face as well, which means the muscles help the skin to stay firm.

Facial fitness-massage – that makes you feel so good!

You have to make the experience and give your skin time. Nowadays that’s not simple, especially because we actually demand that everything has to go fast, syringes in and ready, lips thick, face tight – beautiful. And then there is also the fraction of those who say: „Wrinkles?  I don‘t care!“

I say: „I want to preserve my natural beauty and give my skin optimal care.“ Those, who prefere my way are exactly right with Skin Vital Concept.

She has developed the concept. She’s known in this special market as real expert. She’s working most passionated. And after all she’s the best proof that her concept works: Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim.

A post in cooperation with Skin Vital Concept.


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