Who would have thought that one year ago?  We’re wearing masks now.  Experts even say that we have to get used to it in the long term in order to protect ourselves from Corona.  Just like all the other hygiene measures, such as frequent hand washing, hand disinfection, keeping your distance, etc. Our everyday life has changed extremely due to the virus and no one can yet say whether our world will ever turn as before.

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This has consequences for the skin and especially those who have to wear the mask for many hours every day are entitled to complain.  Of course, the mask doesn’t hurt, but that doesn’t make it a pleasant thing.  After a while, the air that we exhale hits us uncomfortably on the skin of our own face, moisturizes the mouth and nose protection, bacteria and germs feel particularly comfortable in this warm, humid climate.  So it’s not surprising if the skin of the face shows pimples or other changes due to the mask.  People who are pre-stressed in terms of skin may suffer even more from it.  A new word is making the rounds: “Maskne”.  This means the whole range of mask-related skin problems, from pimples and redness to flaky spots on the skin.

The following tips can be used to protect stressed facial skin, reduce skin irritations and prevent “Maskne”. 

1. Clean or replace the mask regularly. 

The mouth and nose protection should be changed when it is soaked in the breath.  Therefore always have spare masks with you.  Ideally 3-4 pieces for a whole day.  The following applies to reusable fabric masks: wash hot after wearing once.  Whenever possible, let the skin breathe, i.e.  take off the mask.

2. Facial cleansing.

Cleanse the face in the morning and in the evening with gentle products that are as free as possible from fragrances, colors and preservatives.

Topagemodel tip: the Soothing Cleansing Foam from Skin Vital Concept.  The unique cleansing foam nourishes even during deep cleansing, supplies the skin with moisture and contains active ingredients such as aloe vera, linden blossom extract, allantoin and panthenol, which soothe stressed skin.  Read more details about Soothing Cleansing Foam here in the pdf

Ideal für die Gesichtsreinigung: Soothing Cleansing Foam von Skin Vital Concept

3. Facial care. 

It is important to me to do something good for my skin.  This has not only been the case since Corona, but it is all the more true under the new skin strains.  You know that I use Skin Vital Concept for my facial care.  And in principle nothing has changed in my care ritual, except that the products are optimally adapted to the new challenges.  I still rely on the Vital Beauty Elixir for the 3 levels of care.

Step 1

after cleaning I always apply the Vital Beauty Elixir.  It immediately invigorates the skin, moisturizes and gives the complexion more freshness and radiance.  I already reported about the great booster (find the article here) effect and here in the pdf you can learn more about the ingenious beauty tonic.

The “all-rounder” for your face – by Skin Vital Concept

Step 2

Serum.  Serums are the real miracle weapons for me, because their formulation allows them to penetrate deep into the skin and develop their effect there.  The Sebo Control Serum regulates sebum production, has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, as well as clarifying, cleansing and astringent.  With its special active ingredient concept, it creates the ideal basis for a relaxed, healthy and fine-pored complexion.  You can find more information about the highly potent serum here in the pdf. 

Step 3

Vital Ddetox Creme Emulsion. This cream emulsion is the ideal end to the 3-step care.  Active herbal and biotechnological ingredients help the skin to regenerate, heal and protect.  Particularly great: the contained collagen and hyaluronic acid at the same time reduce the wrinkles.  More details on this in the pdf. 

4. Use oil-free make-up

I am still a big fan of Brigitta B. Behrends make-up products.  For some time now, she has been offering a professional vegan make-up line that is not only vegan, but also FREE from silicone, mineral oils, talc and parabens.  Her Make-up underlines your natural beauty and feels like a beautiful, comfortable dress all day long.  More information at brigitta-b-behrends.de

Make up


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