Winter: really a challenge for our skin! Basically, my skin is pretty uncomplicated, so neither particularly oily nor particularly dry.  Nevertheless, I observe that it behaves and looks different in winter than in the summer months.  Redness occurs on the face in the icy wind plus cold, the hands crack incredibly quickly and the skin flakes on the shins.  I can well imagine that millions of women feel exactly the same with me, who then consequently ask themselves how best to care for the skin in the cold season, so that it does not develop any stress and the associated signs of a lack of care.

Fortunately, when it comes to skin, I have Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim at my side. Her competence on this topic is hard to beat.  In any case, I find it difficult to imagine.  In order to better understand the skin in winter, it is first important to know what special challenges it is exposed to in the cold season.


That makes the interplay of cold and warmth with our skin

Icy wind paired with freezing temperatures outside, warm and dry heating air inside – this interplay of enormous temperature fluctuations not only affects us, but also our skin.  Because: The more the temperature drops, the less sebum our skin produces and from a temperature of around 8 ° C, fat production is almost completely stopped.  In the cold, the blood vessels under the skin contract to keep the warmth inside.  The reduced blood supply in the skin means that it is less supplied with oxygen and nutrients.  Both components make our protective skin mantle, also known as the protective acid mantle, get out of balance.  The dry heating air then does the rest by removing the moisture from our cold-weakened skin.  This alternating bath of warmth and cold leads to redness, flaking, a feeling of tension and sometimes itching on the skin for many.  Every fourth German knows the phenomenon.

How to care for skin in winter

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Basically, for dry and normal skin type, rich (lipid-rich – not greasy or ointment-like creams) creams on a water-in-oil basis and cosmetic herbal skin oils are best suited.  Vegetable oils (including avocado oil, hemp oil, shea butter, argan) can make any face cream richer.  Just a few drops are enough to make the skin smoother and optimally protected from the cold.  People with oily or acne-prone skin are advised to stick to their tried and tested skin care regimen so that sebum blockages and pimples do not develop.

And this is what my winter facial routine looks like:

I clean my skin as always, then tone it up with the miracle elixir.  Then the serums are used and finally the eye cream with its – for me – unique healing properties and the rich face cream.  On particularly cold days, I add a drop of argan to the face cream.  This protects even better and makes the facial skin wonderfully soft.

Here is the list of products used by Skin Vital Concept:

The ‘Allrounder’ for your face – by Skin Vital Concept

1. Cleansing Foam – the fantastic cleansing foam
2. Vital Beauty Elixir  – the tonic invigorates, vitalises, refreshes, quenches the thirst of the skin and prepares it perfectly for care with the serums

3.  The serums.  At the moment I use 3:

Hyal-sens serum – compensates for the lack of moisture
Age control wrinkle serum – builds up the skin from below and ensures vitality.

Skin Vital Concept



Smoothing serum – enriched with a plenty of skin oils

4. eye & lip contour elixir – ultra nourishing for the eye and lip area
5. Cell structure cream – the super rich cream makes the skin wonderfully supple.


Also indispensibel in winter: plenty of sun protection. Sonnenspray When the cold hits you in the face, you hardly notice the sunshine.  But it is there and increases with every meter you climb.  With snow, the light reflection comes on top of that, which almost increases the exposure to UV-B rays. It is all the more important that you protect your sun-used skin with a high sun protection factor and especially not forget your lips and ears.  If you expose your face to extreme cold (e.g. in winter sports), you should use cold creams, which you then remove again indoors.

Topagemodel – Tip:

Ultima Sun Protection 20. The anti-aging protective spray against UVA / UVB rays protects, refreshes and is not greasy.  The transparent microcapsules also have a reflective effect and thus repel the rays from the skin.  Simply spray on (also over make-up) and be optimally protected at all times.


If you want to actively protect your skin, you should pay particular attention to the body’s own protective acid mantle during the cold season.  This includes not showering or bathing too often in winter and preferably only briefly and not too hot.  Oil-replenishing products that are used sparingly, especially oils (shower oil / bath oil), are suitable.  Then apply lotion.  Oil-in-water emulsions are best suited for this.

Drink a lot

Correct skin care in winter also includes supplying the skin with moisture from inside.  Nutritionists therefore recommend a daily intake of 2 liters.  Water & teas are best.  In addition, and in general, the skin is also happy about healthy and vitamin-rich foods.


Ensure a room climate that is healthy for the skin, because dry heating air is just as stressful for the skin as cold temperatures outside.  Plants and special humidifiers help to ensure sufficient humidity.  But even wet cloths on the heater ensure an improved room climate.  Experts recommend a humidity between 40 – 60%.

skin vital concept
Perfect skin care – also in the winter season: skin vital concept 🙂


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