She studied fashion. 

You see it. You feel it.

With studies and degrees and everything else.  You can see and feel it.  On every seam, on every button, on the workmanship, on the dedication to designing and making beautiful items of clothing.  In addition to giving old materials a new life, to think further beyond our senseless consumption, that is what sets Aivin apart.  She is rethinking, also in terms of fashion.  So: why not only have what you need or want?  Just fashion on demand.

We reported about 😊.

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My studies were really fullfilling”,

tells Aivin to me.  When she is through with it all and starts to work, she wonders if this is what she wants for the rest of her life.  Going to the studio every day – “just” doing fashion?

Aivin in her Studio – Photo: Karlotta Ober


She took the liberty of answering NO to it.  Against all expectations and demands from outside. 

But clocks actually tick differently.  Highschool,  University, Career, getting married, having children, buying property, building up reserves, retirement – that’s the way life is going on.  If you think differently, those around you are horrified and worried.  Oh dear, how are you going to make your money ?!  In the end, still living at the expense of others?  It mustn’t be what can’t be and then nobody asks about your happiness in life.  The main thing is that things go according to plan.  Leveled by others, knitted according to common patterns, cemented in one-way streets.

Blush Stories
Photo: private

Aivin’s plan has changed.

After a fight with herself. As she relates it gives you goose bumps, because of course you cling to what is expected, what is “normal”, what you also expect from yourself and you come under pressure.  It is not easy to free yourself from fears and conventions, to swim against the current.  But that’s the only way that makes muscles.  And you need that too and a large portion of courage on top of that.

So Aivin quits a save job.  Goes from security to self-determination in order to center and to deal with herself.  What drives her, is the conviction that her creative side is much bigger than fashion and that her talents and passions need additional fields of activity.  She tries out a lot, listens to others a lot and discovers that “non-celebrities” also have a lot to say.  Curiously, she soaks up everything, writes stories about it on her blog and does podcasts.  Just like ours, which have become so great that I link them here

Worth to listen!


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She also wants to professionalize this talent and starts further studies at a freelance journalism school.  1 year that she takes to learn from herself what she can do and what meaningful tasks she would like to deal with in the future.  She has the right to find happiness in and fulfillment in work, because after all, that’s what makes up the main part of life.  What is certain is that she will continue to work to strengthen the role of women in our society in the future.  She wants to encourage people to take charge of shaping their own life, even as a woman.  No matter what the others say.

Blush Stories
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Aivin sets the best example and we don’t just keep our fingers crossed for her commitment.  We support her whenever, how and wherever the opportunity arises.

Blush Stories
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