– is not only the holistic training concept of Mirjana Müller, but is also the epitome of what matters to her in general: to be ‘in balance’ with oneself, one’s life and one’s environment. The holistic approach means that it recognizes interrelationships after a comprehensive anamnesis, which combines aspects of the personal life situation and thus develops an individual training concept for you.

In-balance“To be one is to be whole in one”

– is the thought that guides her.

This only succeeds when you learn to accept yourself as you are and to find out where contradictions still excist that need to be resolved.


Yoga is – as part of the training concept – one of the oldest and most proven therapy options to arrive at yourself. The different forms of powerful, dynamic, also medativ parts let yoga become a holistic experience. It is not just a sport, but a therapeutic approach, conscious and attentive to deal with, so with body, mind and soul.


Mirjana has the special talent to let you learn more from you and I mean that she manages with her ease and cheerful nature to challenge you on the one hand physically, on the other hand to lead in moods of deep relaxation. When you’re “on the Yoga-mat” with her, you’ll trust her automatically because you feel that you’re in good hands!


I’ve experienced that in my personal 1: 1 sessions with Mirjana. I’ve experienced that it is possible to become physically more healthy after a herniated disc and feel more comfortable in my body than before. Gently she’s leading you to your limits and encourages you to believe in your power, the mental and physical strength. Limits are often just in mind.


Learn more about Mirjana Müller and INBALANCE – here.

By Mirjana I also learned about the various possibilities with the Power Plate. The excellent workouts help you to increase your muscle strengh and became part of my life and my fitness programm!


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