Age?  No matter! 

This is the title of the cover story in the new Douglas Magazine about care.  #betteraging is now racing #antiaging.  As proof they take those who seemingly have a contract with beauty for lifetime.  Also with soon 50 beautiful, slim, tall and as ever on the famous catwalks at home: Naomi Campbell (49), Amber Valletta (45), Stella Tennant (48).  For them and many other women, it is no longer about meeting one another YOUNG in the mirror for as long as possible, but a healthy, well-groomed approach and a good self-understanding of the aging process.  The attitude of women has changed, they say in the report.  But have attitudes really changed?

Minimally invasive surgery

Meanwhile the trend to fight against wrinkles and for hot lips continues unchanged. About 50,000 are making their way through minimally invasive procedures with Botox and Hyaluron.  Everything in the name of beauty.  And another statistical treat: wrinkle injections & Co. have annual growth rates of approx.  15% – all minimally invasive procedures taken together.

The numbers are clear and especially young women feel addressed;  have the – basically invented – need to “do something“ in the widest sense.” To: ye,s to look like ….  Or – in other words – to meet the point of modern beauty as well as possible. With best regards from Insta, Barbie 4.0.  Whether this is the cradle of this trend, you can only guess, but the girls are firing it every day. For example with messages from a number of accounts like, … “I just have to get my botox again”. This sounds to me,  as if I would say, I need to get a professional toothcleaning again.”  In the end, I do not find it that trivial to handle poison and fillers as a matter of course. 

I celebrate the new>#natural Trend<!

All the better that there is now a trend that goes away from the stereotypical faces that allow wrinkles as authentic eyewitnesses and encourages women.  Courage to age in a naturally-neat way.  That’s exactly my idea of #betteraging and it’s almost a bit like the author had red “About me” on my blog, because there it stands for 3.5 years in other words in exactly the same way.  My approach is more holistic because we are all just as beautiful as we feel.  The perfect care for the face and the right supplements are important but not enough.  Sport is part of it, fashion in which I feel comfortable, as well as sufficient sleep, a positive, open-minded attitude and, of course, fun in life.  In short: joy of life.  When all this comes together, then the inner joy can turn outward and let your face shine.  That’s my motto and I’ve been doing very well with it for years.

Foto: Oliver Krato

But back to the essence, namely my main care:

I like to repeat myself there, because the good must be said again and again and my care of Skin Vital Concept is really good.  To speak of concept here, meets the core.  Strictly speaking, it is a two-phase concept for me and means on the one hand the care products for home and on the other hand the regular treatment in the cosmetic studio.  “My” beautician, Monika Bußer (Ruhe-Insel, Mainhausen) knows exactly what my skin needs and individually treats each facial area as it is perfect for the deeper layers of the skin to build up (collagen, cell renewal) and sustain my skin texture.  It is also part of this great concept that a routine is not carried out according to a diagram. The various devices and treatment methods are used according to the individual needs of the skin.  I already wrote a detailed report about it and here comes the link there.

Monika Bußer bei der Gesichtsbehandlung mit Skin Vital Concept (Radiofrequenz-Treatment)


At the same time, and as a complement to the care concept, I am a loyal fan of the Model’s Beauty Food of Brigitta B. Behrends.  It contains an incredible amount of collagen (I’ve reported – click here to read the article) and many other nutritional supplements that actually stimulate hair growth and firm the nails.  That the beauty food helps to maintain the beautiful look from the inside I can sign for.


So after all I really hope that the natural aging trend prevails and many women follow #foreverhealthy instead of #forreveryoung.

Foto: Oliver Krato

In this sense, my warmest wishes. Renate

Photo of the Post: Oliver Krato – Big thanks all these great pics!

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