With COVID-19, the virus not only puts our health and our lives at risk.  No, it also brings new risks and side effects to our everyday lives that we now have to defy.

The risks and side effects

Everything is different.  A life as if you had just pressed the break button.  Staying at home, working from your home office – that’s everyday life for thousands of us.  Last but not least, our routines and eating habits are affected.  The breakfast and lunch break with colleagues was before Corona and what are the lonely gummy bears doing so secretly in the countless desk drawers?  While patiently waiting for us to return, there are 1000 and two ways to pass the fridge by chance or the candy drawer.  You might think that an arm waves out and the voice whispers softly: Do you fancy something sweet?  It can be really nasty.  You have to resist, stick to the rules for snacks and meals and show discipline. 

But that’s not all, on top all the sports facilities are closed.  This is not only a shame for all the gyms, but also for us. For our social life and also for our fitness. Just 2 months ago we were able to let off steam there, in clubs or sports groups and to fight the winter bacon. And also here:  It’s all about taking a break.

It will probably take a while before the doors open and we can start all the sporting activities again, so it is now a matter of finding alternatives that are fun and keep you fit . I personally rediscovered the walk with an “excellent image” for me.  For hours, my husband and I can walk through the forest, talk and be happy as if there was no crisis.  Also simply grabbing my old bike and cycling through the spring air is an opportunity for a break that refreshes and creates new ideas.  If you really like sport, you can find wonderful support on the Internet.  Many professionals have streamed tutorials with all levels of difficulty and show a wide variety of exercise units.  And the great thing is: you can do it at any time.

So the good ideas are not just in the fridge .. In this sense: stay fit and above all healthy!


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