New year – new luck – new projects & the good resolutions!

One of those is >Doing Sports< – same procedure as every year. So it’s about the pounds from Corona plus Christmas time.  Not all fight against weight like I do, but to be fit and well trained is definitely good for everyone.

And since that is an old wisdom, registrations in the gyms regularly skyrocket at the beginning of the year.  Unfortunately, they still have a break due to the corona.  But it also makes no sense to pass the buck on the virus, fitness or pounds are short on it.

So it is necessary to discipline and find motivation to ensure sufficient exercise yourself.  I can’t say of myself that it’s easy either, but I’ve found strategies for myself to get myself up and maybe I can infect our readers with a few ideas.


At the first lockdown, I switched from my car to my bike, so to speak.  Since then I have been doing everything within a radius of about 5 km by bike and want to keep doing that after Corona.  And that although I’m really not a good cyclist, but I said to myself: I’ll just do it now.  Because it’s better.  Not only for me, but also for the environment.

Running, walking, hiking, going for a walk – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to get some fresh air.  My motto: you just have to do it.  Fixed appointments that are just like everyone else on my calendar help me.  Others want to measure themselves and can motivate themselves with a step counter.  According to experts, 10,000 steps a day are optimal.

When it’s raining too much or it’s bad weather, I train at home.  We have sort of a “power plate” for a number of years, but you can basically do something for every muscle group with your own weight.  If you don’t know which exercises are suitable and which are fun, you can find instructions for every fitness level on the Internet under the keyword >Home Workout<.  For me the fun factor is crucial and that music works.  That puts you in a good mood.

Die besten Morgenrituale für Topager

Foot health is one of those issues that nobody really wants to deal with, but is very important.  As a victim of osteoporosis and still a lover of high heels, I know how to sing a song about it and I would like to contribute to the article, which I have specially dedicated to our feet 😊!  Just click on the underlined part of the sentence and read it – it’s worth it.

My excercise-plan is about 30 minutes 2-3 times a week.  Incidentally, including foot gymnastics 😊. For some this is little, for others a lot.  The main thing is to do some sport and it’s never too late to start.  The great thing about exercise is that you feel fitter and more productive afterwards.


Balance exercises are usually not considered part of sport, because being able to keep one’s balance is a matter of course in everyday life.  However, this competence decreases as you get older, which is why it makes sense to train it.  That’s why I’ve gotten into the habit of only standing on one leg when brushing my teeth.  Left in the morning, right in the evening – just give it a try 😊


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