Happy Holidays


Palm trees, beach and sea – these days, many of you are looking forward to that long-awaited holiday-dream to get a longer break and preferably far away.  I‘m same way and always plan my suitcase in spirit weeks before, consider what I still lack and how I combine the beautiful summer outfits best.  I used to write lists (that really helps) but in the meantime I am old and experienced enough to get managed 😉 (mostly).

Today I want to introduce you to the beautifiers I always take along with me.

My make-up routine

In the summer, I do not feel like being “plastered” and therefore refrain from putting on a large make-up, which even stays at home. Instead I’m packing for my decoration  exactly 10 products and 5 brushes in. That saves space and time.

In the picture you can see, what exactly I take with me. The Angels Magic Powder is my all-rounder so to speak, because the powder is a multi-talented – I had previously reported separately about it.  You can apply it solo and use the amount to determine the opacity or simply mix with the day cream, then creates a tinted day cream. At the same time it gives a great glow and saves an extra highlighter.



The brush selection is also easy to tell. It’s the cover brush (top right on the photo above).This brush allows to apply make-up and powder perfectly. It also manages the blush. The other 4 brushes are for the eyes. The numbers in pattern you find on Brigitta’s homepage

  • One flat eyeshadow brush for priming with the light color (No.  6)
  • A small round eyeshadow brush for contours of gray contours (No. 4)
  • A round eyeshadow brush for blending (No. 3)
  • An oblique brush for eyelid and eyebrows (No. 7)

Find here the article about the usage of all kinds of brushes

Moisture boost with hyaluronan

The small ampoules fit in every pocket and run easily through the security check. I have the moisturizer always with me in the aircraft, because it quickly and easily quenches the thirst of the skin in a dry aircraft climate.  Also great for in between or to soothe the skin after sunbathing.  Jus easy to order via Brigitta B. Behrends.


My skin care

With my skin care I’m selective, because I let only little to my skin.  Compatibility, effectiveness & quality go before brand names for me.  That’s why I trust the Skin Vital Concept.  To understand why, you have to know that this concept care is real high-end cosmetic that, when used properly, really gets under your skin.  For this I go to the beautician once a month, because this is where devices from Skin Vital Concept are used, which actually improve the skin quality sustainably.  I know what I’m talking about, because I’m an enthusiastic user and had already written a post about it.  After the first treatments in the professional studio, you will notice how your skin strengthens and simply looks fresher.  The even unsuspecting girlfriends of mine have found and asked me why my skin is so radiant.  This is of course the best confirmation and you will also notice how lines and wrinkles become milder.

For home’s Skin Vital concept there are various active serums, a facial care for it and an eye and lip cream for the sensitive areas of the eyes and lips.  Which serums are the best for you, you will learn from the beautician and only there you can buy the products.

In the Rhein-Main-Area you get perfect treatments at

Excellente beauty studios you find in many cities in Germany and I’ll bring out an overview soon. If you surch right now for a studio, please do not hesitate to contact me by mail or comment.

Since the skin is particularly thirsty after sunbathing, I always have my selection with me.  It spoils my skin and gives a great feeling to me.  It is also the perfect basis for decorative cosmetics by Brigitta B. Behrends.


For sunbathers

Ultima Sun Protection 20 von Skin Vital Concept


Sun-protection is a must; after all, you have your skin just once in life. In addition, it spoils the holiday pleasures, if you have to sleep on sun-burned skin. Therefore I use the sun protection of Skin Vital Concept for the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The fine mist actually feels like a fresh facial care and not like a classic sun spray.  It does not stick or grease and protects your skin optimally.  Depending on how long I am in the sun, I repeat the application about every 2-3 hours.  You can easily do it on the make-up face. I can assure you, it does not harm anything, the spray is super fine. Since I’m not like a „roast chicken“, I do not take long sunbaths in the direct sun and adjust the sun protection for my body to the duration. Therefore I use sun-protection with different factors and also like the famous Tiroler Nussöl, that already my grandma used.  It has little protection but makes a great brown, especially on the legs.




Over my After Sun Balm I apply on summer vacation always a bit of the >Huile Prodigieuse OR< by Nuxe on my body.  The micro-small golden particels give a wonderful glow.  The shine that develops on the skin is very subtle and noble.  At the same time, the dry “oil” makes the skin super soft and radiant. It’s also suitable for face and hair – but I just use it for my body.




Sometimes it’s worth to turn on old household remedy and I noted few of them on the left side.


Finally I want to add a few words about the cooperation I have with Brigitta Behrends and Baronin Ulrike von Ginsheim: Both are top-experts in there business and belong to the few honest ones in this sector. A real exception in my opinion. I wouldn’t invest so much time and effort in blogposts if I wouldn’t trust or wouldn’t be completely convinced. That’s ’cause I’m an honest person too.


Now I’m looking forward to our beauty-talk in the famous Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg, when we present their products to interested beauticians 🙂



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